Edition 21
Place of the event
Area Talk - Stazione Leopolda
Date of the event
15.09.2023 11:00
MANE at Pitti Fragranze 2023 creates an emotional olfactory journey along past, present and future, driven by the Olfactive Memory.

A fully Italian story that places the roots of the contemporary olfactive perception in a unique and constantly evolving common heritage, where the creativity of perfumers is supported by the authenticity of even more local raw materials and by the innovative extraction techniques of the fragrance house.

The traditional opening moment of Pitti Fragranze, with the RAW conference 'The Scents Of Collective Unconscious', will be followed by two demonstrative workshops about the exclusive MANE Jungle Essence™ extractive technique.

The RAW conference will take place on Friday, September 15th at 11:00, at the Leopolda station in Florence and will be curated by Melanie Duhamel (Fragrance Division Director, MANE Italy, Spain and Portugal), Cristina Stefanutti (Marketing Manager Fragrance Division, MANE Italy) and Jerome Di Marino (Perfumer, MANE).


MANE Workshop Jungle Essence™
duration: 45 minutes