Chandler Burr in conversation with Laura Tonatto
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Date of the event
17.09.2020 15:00
Perfume critic and Pitti Fragranze ambassador Chandler Burr meets up with Laura Tonatto of Essentially Laura, in a talk dedicated to her history and latest creations. A professional ‘nose’ known all over the world, since 1986 Laura Bosetti Tonatto has been creating perfumes for major cosmetic companies and bespoke mélange. She is part of the staff of the University of Ferrara, Faculty of Pharmacy, she is the creator of the cultural laboratory "Naso e Parnaso" researching the use of essences and aromas from ancient times to the present day, she has curated several exhibitions all over the world and has created a bespoke collection for the Queen of England Elizabeth II. In 2012, by decree of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, she was awarded the honor of Knight Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Thursday 17 September at 3:00 p.m.