RAW by MANE presents “Lavender: a timeless journey”
Edition 18
Place of the event
Date of the event
07.09.2020 15:00
RAW, the Pitti Fragranze format that makes room for the most important raw materials used in perfumes curated by MANE - the French firm and world leader in the creation and production of fragrances -, focuses on Lavender, an ingredient characterized by a long ritual tradition, which is back among the protagonists of our times.

Participants: Micaela Giamberti, Fragrance Division Director, MANE Italy, Spain and Portugal; Cyril Gallardo, Ingredients Director MANE EMEA; Giulia Cavaliere, Marketing Manager Fragrance Division, MANE Italy; Mathilde Voisin, Ingredients Marketing Manager, MANE EMEA; Véronique Nyberg, Vice President Perfumer & Creation Fine Fragrance, MANE EMEA; Richard Herpin Perfumer, MANE New York.

Monday 7 September at 3:00 p.m.