Pitti Fragranze 17: the buyers' comments
Edition 17
Marion Faber, CEO, Kussmund, Vienna:

“I liked this edition even more than the previous ones. It was more concentrated, possibly slightly smaller, but all the niche brands were present: not those that claim to be niche, but the ones that truly are. I found lots of new brands with which I would like to start working soon. I was really impressed! The fair program was also remarkable: Jean-Claude Ellena was a highlight, let’s say he is actually the big star of the perfumery world and to have him here today is an incredible added value. The retrospective dedicated to his work was a beautiful idea and I really liked the way the fragrances were presented”.

Arielle Shoshana, proprietor, Arielle Shoshana Scented Luxuries, Washington DC:
Pitti Fragranze is wonderful. The level of selection is high and the mixture of established brands and emerging names is excellent. I really appreciated the focus on the world of skincare, a truly growing sector, which I found topical and very useful. The Jean-Claude Ellena retrospective experience was an excellent idea: many of his perfumes are difficult to find and being able to discover them all together was a really beautiful moment. Perfect organization and splendid work with us buyers”.

Edorado Bertozzini, proprietor, Profumeria Bertozzini, Rome:
“The layout of the fair is always very welcoming, the atmosphere is really tranquil compared to other fair events. I would define Pitti Fragranze as an exhibition more than a regular fair, the stands have more space than in the past for the presentations which are personalized and well prepared. My family and I – our perfume store has now reached the fourth generation! – have always attended because Fragranze represents an opportunity for making contact with the companies we work with as well as for carrying out research and scouting for new names. Moreover the location of the Stazione Leopolda is truly beautiful.

Vivienne Zhu, Product Development Director, Beast, Shanghai:
“This is the first time I have attended Fragranze. I find it to be a truly professional fair that presents very interesting niche brands. I was looking in particular for original concepts and new materials and my expectations were more than satisfied: I made contact with some Italian as well as other international brands for my store. The fair is not huge but it is very concentrated, focused on the niche segment, and the layout is really fashionable.

Fleur Kenny, Assistant Buyer, The Conran Shop, London:
“This is the first time and I was really struck by the quality. The fair presents an excellent mix of super exclusive brands from all over the world. I was interested in both the world of perfumery and that of skincare, as long as they are distinguished by a green philosophy, like sustainable packaging and rechargeable products, obviously as well as eco-friendly contents. These are all aspects our clients want from us: nowadays attention to the environment is no longer a trend but an established reality. With the exhibition, the organized talks and the setting in which everything is hosted, the fair is a really excellent combination. The presentations are beautiful, not too formal, and the atmosphere is relaxing”.

Christopher Hughes, proprietor, Cow, Stockholm:
Fragranze is really incredible, and it will become an unmissable rendezvous in my calendar. The location is fantastic, the space is very luxurious and fully mirrors the fair proposals. I am here to meet other retailers and members of the trade – I believe that comparison is a very important aspect of our work – as well as to find new brands with which to collaborate for my store, and I can say that I am more than satisfied. There is also a super calendar of events. I don’t usually take part in the fringe events organized by fairs, but this time my wife – and business partner – ordered me to make sure I didn’t miss a single talk. Joking aside, the program includes a good mix of topical subjects, plus Chandler Burr and Jean-Claude Ellena are the superstars of the world of perfumery, so what more can I say”.

Maja Milojević, Retail Director, Metropoliten, Belgrade:
“Pitti Fragranze is an incredible fair: a regular experience for discovering the most experimental sides of perfume set against the backdrop of a splendid location like the Stazione Leopolda. I already work with some of the brands present but I found lots of new names with which I hope to start working soon: I especially liked the fact that these brands are thinking about the future, about what extra features they can provide compared to what is already available, about the environment and packaging. The fair also offers a great variety of additional events like talks and conferences: the name of Jean-Claude Ellena stands out above them all. It was really crazy to be able to get a preview of his new perfume. The Pitti team did a truly excellent job.”

Isabel and Alicia Fernàndez Pascual, proprietors, Nadia Perfumerias, Madrid:
Pitti Fragranze has grown. The fair is much more creative and artistic than in the past, the brands have more space for their presentations and a bond has been created with the whole city of Florence which is a really important aspect for us buyers. The events organized around the city, as well as the program of talks and conferences held inside the Stazione Leopolda represent that extra something that goes beyond the economic and purely business aspect which, for those of us who work in the world of artistic perfumery, is a fundamental aspect. The fair keeps alive the flame of art and culture that distinguishes this world. It was a wonderful idea to invite Jean-Claude Ellena. Congratulations to everybody.”

Andrea Ottaviano, proprietor, Ottaviano Parfums et Beauté, Biella:
“I returned to Pitti Fragranze after a period of absence and I have to say I came back to a fair that is in excellent shape, with the return of many interesting niche brands and the loss of some more commercial names. I was only at the fair for one day so I wasn’t able to take part in the many events organized but the presence of Jean-Claude Ellena was really significant. Impeccable organization as usual. See you next year!””

Evgeniya Popova, Beauty Manager, Sanahunt, Kiev:
“This is the first time I have attended Fragranze and I was really impressed. There is a pleasant atmosphere, possibly also due to the fair layout which is so open and relaxed. I decided to take part in order to learn about the latest innovations in the world of perfumes and skincare: our clients are people who travel all over the world, they are very demanding and attentive to quality and we need to always keep up to date with everything that is happening on the market. I found several brands with which I would like to start working, both this year and in the future. The calendar of events was very interesting, above all the retrospective on Jean-Claude Ellena: obviously I have already ordered his perfume for our stores.”

Dennis de Vries, proprietor, Skinlife, Lisbon:
“Pitti Fragranze is a really well-organized fair, starting with the simple and well curated layout, so easy to visit. The stands are perfectly harmonious with the environment and there is a very relaxing atmosphere, ideal for our scouting work. Compared to previous editions I found lots of new brands, especially perfume ones. The talks were really interesting and very professional (I really appreciated the translation service offered). The name of Jean-Claude Ellena stood out above all the others. We will definitely come back in the future, maintaining contacts is an essential element of this job.”