Pitti Fragranze highlights vol. 2
Edition 17
Mini guide to the brands to be discovered at this edition
The journey to discover the novelties of Fragranze 2019 continues. 100% natural ingredients, a strong aesthetic and increasingly contemporary languages: here are some of the proposals to keep an eye on among the 170 brands and fashion houses participating in the show.

Beaufort, the perfume house that heavily draws inspiration from the British nautical past, the power of the wind and the battle of Trafalgar; the passion for translating musical and literary spaces into perfume portrayed by the D.S. & Durga brand; the fragrances created for elegant men with a resolute personality by E. Marinella, a real sensory journey through the enchantment of the Mediterranean landscape; the quintessence of the English spirit contained within Czech & Speake’s products for men, a complete range of refined men's fragrances, accessories, luxurious gifts for shaving and exquisite leather goods, which exude elegance and refinement; the contemporary language that breaks down all genre or role references, creating unisex fragrances, some dedicated to children, in an idea of pure sharing of Familia-Familia; the fashion, design and esthetic sense that meet in RPL Parfums, managing to create an environment of elegance, working with the most talented olfactory experts and with the artisans of the sector. Plus the timeless perfumes enclosed within the French artisan bottles of Jean-Charles Brosseau, whose history is intertwined with the passions, business and international prestige, symbols of Parisian elegance of the last century; the secrets of Swedish nature revealed in the Bjork & Berries fragrances, natural and organic fragrances, clean and gentle formulations for the skin and the environment; the tribute to the Millennials generation by 2787 Perfumes, which which reflects the unique and extraordinary traits of a complex but extraordinary generation; the five fragrances inspired by iconic films from the Berlin cult brand Moth And Rabbit; ancient history that meets 21st century luxury in Boadicea The Victorious, a brand inspired by the Queen Warrior who lived 2000 years ago; the perfumes and candles of Berlin’s Atelier Oblique with five ultra-modern and easy-to-wear fragrances, recyclable packaging, artsy and bright atmosphere; the protagonist of traditional French perfumery Jardin De France which expresses the raw material and its transformation, the unchanging alliance between man and nature; the couture fragrances steeped in the elegance of the French Riviera from Alex Simone who appeals to the casual chic style "Frenchy dandy", elegant and modern, with a touch of impertinence; the 100% natural philosophy of HöbePergh where the slow rhythm of nature blends with the most innovative technologies to create effective and elegant cosmetics; the emotions of the teas and the perfumes evoked by State Of Mind, since perfume is not only a symbol of pleasure, elegance and wealth but also influences the mood of people.