Nez, in the name of olfactory culture
Edition 21
Nez, the Olfactory Cultural Movement that has become since its inception a reference in the field of perfume and olfaction, both in France and internationally, will be participating at this edition of Pitti Fragranze.
Its founders, Jeanne Doré (Editorial Director), Mathieu Chévara (Creative Director) and Dominique Brunel (Sales Director), have brought together a collective of multidisciplinary experts, including journalists, scientists, perfumers, historians and artists, whose mission is to reveal to the greatest number and in the most accessible and relevant ways the richness of a sense which has long been overlooked.
With about 10 books per year, more than 50 podcasts, in French and in English, 2 websites, Nez contributes to the amplification of olfactory culture, and as such has been rewarded by the Fragrance Foundation France in 2019 and by the Art and Olfaction Awards in 2022.
In 2021, Nez launched  Niche by Nez, an annual magazine dedicated to independent perfumery. With 25000 copies (18K in English, 7K in French), Niche by Nez is present on all main events dedicated to perfume, including, of course, Pitti Fragrance in Florence. It has quickly become a new voice for this strategic segment of the fragrance market.
Nez will launch in 2024 in Paris a BtoC event which will highlight perfume brands. In 2025, Nez plans to organize in Grasse the first « Rencontres internationales de la culture olfactive » which will gather professionals and general audience all across the capital of perfume!

Nez will be present at Pitti Fragranze with Niche by Nez as well as a large selection of its books. A giveaway will be held at the booth, to give visitors the chance to win the entire Nez collection (15 issues).

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