Essenzialmente Laura - Laura Bosetti Tonatto presents FOROF Essenza
Edition 21
Place of the event
Date of the event
15.09.2023 15:00
Nothing is more memorable than a scent, a sensory piece of information that withstands the test of time like no other and often leaves a profound, sometimes enigmatic, mark on our subconscious.

Stemming from this realization and reflecting on the loss of the sense of smell that many experienced during the pandemic, arises FOROF ESSENZA, a special season initiated by FOROF - a space dedicated to the dialogue between contemporary art and archaeology, launched in 2022 by Giovanna Caruso Fendi

Through a cultural exploration "that aspires to freedom," it connects the art of perfume-making, the history of Ancient Rome, and contemporary art. For FOROF ESSENZA, the patron and entrepreneur Giovanna Caruso Fendi has invited Laura Bosetti Tonatto, one of the most renowned noses in the industry, to translate the history of the Basilica Ulpia into a fragrance. The essence, with its olfactory notes of rose, amber, saffron, and incense, seeks to capture the spirit of a place, becoming a cultural and social narrative on the universal value of Freedom, the inspiration behind the entire project.