The Osmothèque of Versailles at Pitti Fragranze
Edition 20
Place of the event
Date of the event
17.09.2022 11:00
A researcher in the history of perfume, Isabelle Chazot, administrator and president of the Scientific Committee of the Osmothèque, presented the "Trésor de l'Osmothèque" talk on Saturday, September 17, at 11 AM, focusing on a selection of perfumes lost in their original formulas, including rose-based creations.

As Isabelle Chazot explained, the Osmothèque, the first historical archive dedicated to perfume, was created in Versailles by a passionate group of perfumers (Jean Kerléo, then perfumer for Jean Patou, and a team of members of the French Perfume Society's technical committee). The project was launched 30 years ago to research and preserve lost perfumes, as they were created in the past. 

The idea, the researcher explained, was to become the national perfume library. An open project accessible to all, a bridge between the perfume industry and the world of culture, with the intention of promoting perfume as an art form. The Osmothèque is unique, the only one in the world where one can smell fragrances reformulated according to their original formula."

It is an archive of the past and the present, with a collection of more than 5,000 perfumes that continues to grow every day. This prestigious archive strives to preserve, conserve, and enhance perfumes; to transmit its knowledge and know-how to perfumers; to research and develop exploration with a scientific and technical committee.

As part of the Talk, participants were taken on an olfactory journey through eight different perfumes, followed by a focus on the rose.