Fragranze Highlights #5
Edition 19
Discover the explosive mix of the fifth installment!
Innovative patents, historic maisons celebrating important anniversaries, fragrances that reference West Coast aesthetics. Our fifth selection is an explosive mix of international brands: discover them with us!
The millennia of history of the uplands of Asiago offer us a blend of extremely pure natural elements, an environment which is unique in the world, a thousand medicinal Alpine plants grown in extreme climatic conditions, wild and with above average active ingredients.  It is on this land that HöbePergh was born.  Much more than a brand it is an exhortation to love oneself that starts with the body and moves on to the spirit. HöbePergh, with over 24 years of research, reinvents the concept of ‘natural’ in order to give life to effective and certified beauty solutions, with unique and innovative patents never used before in the field of cosmetics.  It elaborates specific solutions that are the fruit of ongoing research, experimentation and innovative phytotherapy. 
Molinard Parfum
The Molinard maison has a venerable family history encompassing five generations of perfumers. An independent maison that is an element of French heritage and which has earned the highest possible accolade: the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” which recognizes its rare and original savoir-faire handed down by several generations.  Since 1849, the famous perfumer from Grasse has earned international fame by transforming the noblest ingredients into iconic fragrances. Celebrating its 170 years of history, Molinard remains faithful to its values and its demanding standards of excellence, quality and tradition. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the black diamond of the Maison Molinard is celebrating with a new guise: the Habanita perfume is more alluring than ever in its new red dress. 
Inspired by the bold volumes and rough textures of the brutalist architectural movement, PHOTO/GENICS + CO makes handmade and hand-poured candles, coated with unrefined concrete, lava rock diffusers, room sprays with precious details in leather and pointed perfume roll-ons scented with sophisticated mixtures of essential oils from aromatic healing Californian plants. Designed by Nicole Bordeaux, a key figure in the world of esthetics on the US West Coast, proprietor of the famous modeling agency, PHOTO/GENICS+CO, talent-scout, a great influencer in the worlds of fashion, beauty and art publishing, PHOTO/GENICS+CO and its sculptural products attract light, gazes, admiration for the clear raw beauty which is intrinsic to the products, the compromised sophistication of the fragrances, their captivating immediate freshness.
Spirit of Kings
Celebrating the esthetics and history of European craftsmanship, Spirit of Kings is a new exclusive and international luxury brand that draws inspiration from the lengthy inheritance of artistic excellence promoted by British royal patronage.  Steadily marching towards the future, Spirit of Kings makes an effort to enrich the present by evoking a delightful and legendary past through its modern creations. Christian Provenzano is the nose who worked on the fragrances.
Weiner Blut
The olfactory creations by Wiener Blut are based on original formulas in vogue in late 19th century Vienna. The term Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood) was coined in 1873 to indicate that particular section of a certain Viennese society of the time characterized by hedonism and malice. Freudian Wood, Hesperia, Volkamaria, Sale Marino, Unheimlich, Klubwasser, Nord du Nord, Palais Nizam and Ex Voto are the tesserae of a crackling mosaic which portrays, with a contemporary touch, an era and a city, controversial and volcanic where, to the rhythm of the waltz, a society suspended between nostalgia and avant-garde, danced on the edge of an abyss.  Recommended soundtrack: Waltz Darling – Malcolm Mac Laren.