Fragranze Highlights #4
Edition 19
Rebellious, cosmopolitan, and modern brands. Here are the names of the fourth installment!
Contemporary fragrances, free of the standards of conventional and traditional perfumery. Local and cosmopolitan collections, brands that lay claim to feminine sensuality: the companies of the fourth installment stand out for their research and innovation. Let’s discover them together!
Memoize London
A collection of fragrances that revolves around two main themes, an olfactory oxymoron between the scents of The Dark Range collection, inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins- Luxuria, Superbia, Era, Tristitia, Invidia, Gula, and Avaritia -, and those of The Light Range, inspired by the Seven Heavenly Virtues - Humanitas, Temperantia, Patientia, Industria, Caritas, Humilitas, Castitas and White Castitas. The brand also offers an exclusive collection made up by perfumes that are the result of unique collaborations or extraordinary olfactory renderings. The perfumes are created in the United Kingdom with maximum attention on quality and sustainability to offer a unique luxury experience.
Neandertal is an artistic reply to challenging the status quo and humanity’s innately egocentric view of the universe and our place in it. From the first hominids of Anthropocene to our unknown future in the space era, Neandertal explores fundamental existential questions like, “Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going?” attempting to understand the human experience from outside ourselves. As a first step in this exploration, artist and founder Kentaro Yamada created Neandertal perfume as a way to explore the analogies between the lingering echoes of our past and that of olfactory resonance. The results are contemporary, highly original, and experimental fragrance structures, free from conventional and traditional perfumery standards.
Essential Parfum
With over 25 years of experience in the field of fragrances, Essential Parfums is born with a rebellious spirit and the mission to refresh the essence of high perfumery. The brand develops from a simple approach: give perfumers free rein to create without limitations, while collaborating with the very best master craftsmen and expert perfumers in the world, and researching with care the very best sustainable ingredients whenever possible, so they can then be transformed into olfactory masterpieces. All of this is contained in eco-friendly packaging, because the brand is aware of the environmental impact of its products and believes that sustainable beauty is essential. 
Son Venin
Son Venin is an independent perfume maison, with its headquarters in Oslo. The partners of Son Venin come from similar backgrounds with experiences in experimental design, brand marketing, and technology. They also all share the same vision of something concrete in the immaterial world of perfume. In Son Venin, the Scandinavian spirit of independence and democracy blends with personal memories and local ingredients, creating a “local” and cosmopolitan product.
Franck Boclet Parfums
Franck Boclet, the chameleon stylist. It’s well-known that Franck Boclet loves women. On the night of a full moon in Marrakesh on the terrace of his Riad, he dreamed madly of a new love. Inspired by the moonlight, his heart and spirit are aligned under a golden and silky shimmer of light. These are the origins of the new Goldenlight collection, which blends desires and emotions, transforming them into perfumes that exalt sensuality: Enjoy, Addiction, and Nirvana. A figure of the new dandy scene, creator of a countertrend fashion, Franck Boclet looks above all to sensuality, focusing on details and volume, precision, and the perfect cut. The Fragrance Collection of Franck Boclet perfectly reflects the personality of its creator: eau de parfum with a strong personality, made up by noble components and a simple and elegant design.