Fragranze Highlights #3
Edition 19
Ready for the third installment?
Ancient artisanal traditions that blend with international brands in our third installment dedicated to the protagonists of Pitti Fragranze Highlights. Let’s discover them together!
Heeley Parfums
Created by English perfumer and designer James Heeley, the Eau de Parfum are made in France in accordance with tradition and the art of high perfumery, using rare ingredients of the highest quality. Unique and modern, the fragrances of the collection are suited to both men and women. 
Among the novelties is Rose Aria, conveying a delicate air of optimism, where the airy and light opening notes of dew-laden Rose Centifolia are accompanied by delicate green notes, almost reminiscent of a green, crisp apple. The sillage of Rose Aria is made up by warm notes of musk and amber that convey intensity to the scent of rose petals. Starting in September, it will also be available in an exclusive line of scented candles, where every perfume has been specifically developed to optimize the scent diffusion when the candle is both warm and cold. Every candle is presented in a luxurious gift box and is contained in hand-blown colored glass.
An Italian brand specialized in the artisanal production of high-quality liquid soaps and high-end moisturizing lotions, entirely Made in Italy, and based on biodegradable ingredients of natural origin. Maximum care and attention to the hands, body, and the environment we live in are all extremely important in the philosophy of FragArt: for this reason, the formulas of its products protect the equilibrium of the skin, while respecting the health and well-being of the body and nature.
A collection of made in France perfumes, which from the outset shone with audacity and uncompromising quality and is therefore considered one of the first niche fragrance brands of the olfactory avant-garde. By the nineteen sixties, the brand had launched over two dozen creations. Half a century later, Parfums CIRO returns: charismatic fragrance compositions, created by master craftsmen, uniting tradition and modernity yet preserving its historical heritage. A myth that shines in new splendor: the rebirth of a legend. CIRO perfumes have always stood out for their extraordinarily designed bottles. The new bottle pays homage to these classic creations: an elegant and slender silhouette in a heavy glass bottle is the precious container for the fragrances, which is contrasted and framed by matte black sides. 
Atelier Oblique
Poetry meets Bauhaus. Atelier Oblique is a Berlin-based brand of artistic perfumery resulting from the creativity of Mario Lombardo. The silent language of scent, and its strength, are the guiding theme of the brand. The perfumes of Atelier Oblique are windows on our past, but also present moments dancing with future's inscrutability. The seven fragrances, all unisex and created by Robertet - SAINT, CLOSER, BOHEMIAN WOODS, WHITE LIGHTS, MARBLE SEA, BETON BRUT, VOODOO FLOWERS and LIGHTFALLS – are completed by complementary candles with the same names and fragrances. The fragrances of Atelier Oblique are elegant, linear, classic, but also irresistibly modern. Each one of them represents a different world and their olfactory notes define them with inspired precision. 
The moment before your first kiss, the time spent with a loved one, a sunset on the lakefront, a thrilling victory… Yulia Vinogradova, creator of the brand, with her first collection of fragrances created in 2020 brings us back to the happiest moments of our lives. Duende, vacuum, yamaha, bombarta, mangata, naa, mamihlapinatapai, cafune, and hyggelig conserve memories and the miracle of the moment, and the olfactory play begins with the very first breath we take. Although Russia is considered the birthplace of Metaphysica, the fragrances can be considered French, since they are bottled in France.
Teatro Fragranze Uniche
Teatro Fragranze Uniche was born in Florence in 2012 from the dream of three women to explore a new emotional relationship between space and fragrance. A refined and unique sensory experience that graces and interacts with the territory, art, and design. With a Couturier approach, Teatro Fragranze Uniche has developed an exclusive collection of perfumes perfect for “making an entrance”, with each on its own personal stage, giving life to a unique and sophisticated emotion. The sophistication of the fragrances, the process of selecting the raw materials, combined with the elegance of the shapes and finishes are the defining traits of Teatro Fragranze Uniche. Each creation is entirely realized by hand. 
Angela Ciampagna
The Angela Ciampagna brand is highly influenced by the values of craftsmanship and the millenary tradition of Central Italy. The aim is the creation of absolute value perfumes, so that fragrances can become the vehicle through which a seamless bond between research, artisanal practices and accurate selection of raw materials is brought to life. The philosophy of Angela Ciampagna is to combine the traditional methods used in the Italian workshops of the early 21st century with modern production practices. The research, passion, and visionary approach of the brand’s workshop result in unique and numbered perfumes, which are hand-packed individually to guarantee their genuine artisanal Italian excellence.