Fragranze Highlights #2
Edition 19
A journey through the perfumery proposals, which are protagonists at this edition
Our preview dedicated to the protagonists of this edition of Pitti Fragranze continues. Names that have made perfumery history alongside cosmopolitan and innovative brands to discover. Here are the companies of the second episode of our Highglights series!
Beauty is underground. Step Aboard reinvents artistic perfumery with fragrances that are a reflection of a metropolitan society, which is constantly on the move. The brand debuted in 2018 in Milan, the city inspiring its first line of fragrances. Next Step, London: in 2021, three new imaginary stops on the London tube, inspired by contemporary public works of art conceived by three women artists, join the olfactory range of the brand. French master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour is once again the nose behind these fragrances. 
Farmacia SS. Annunziata, the historic Florentine brand synonymous with Made in Italy perfumes and cosmetics, celebrates its 460th anniversary. A journey into beauty: the concept of beauty is the focal point strictly connected to the new mission of Farmacia SS. Annunziata. Taking a trip into the world of beauty means rediscovering this story every day, on your very own skin. Every formula sinks its roots into the past, but is also the result of a present made up by knowledge, exclusive ingredients, and next-generation technologies. 
INSÍUM (from the Latin “in somnum”, meaning “during sleep”, and in old Friulian, meaning “dream”) is born from the idea of reconstructing an area of inviolable escape, a moment of physical and mental regeneration dedicated only to ourselves, where every element is pure, simple, genuinely effective, as well as extremely pleasurable and beautiful. A moment when we take care of something we often forget about: our own beauty. All INSÍUM products are cruelty-free certified, vegan, and free from substances that are irritating, sensitizing, and potentially dangerous to the skin or to the environment. 
Each fragrance is a tribute to the city. The exclusive collection of perfumes, The Spirit of Dubai, was founded in Dubai in 2015. Taking its inspiration from a rich and diversified cultural heritage, each fragrance represents a tribute to the city. Perfumes with highly seductive notes offer the world the possibility of experiencing a sensory adventure in wonderful Dubai. The top-of-the-range quality of natural raw ingredients creates memorable and long-lasting fragrances. 
An all-female brand born from the desire of three sisters to pay homage to their grandmother. The product range includes a well-aging face and body line of botanical and sensory cosmetics based on virgin active ingredients and in particular on a new and ultra-powerful active ingredient, date sap, which is cold extracted from the pulp and contains an unparalleled anti-aging active ingredient. The collection also features a Neroli-scented candle, the brand's olfactory symbol. The products are Made in France, clean, cruelty free, composed  97.6% to 100% of natural ingredients and, of course, without undesirable ingredients.