Fragranze Highlights #1
Edition 19
A journey through the perfumery proposals, which are protagonists at this edition
While awaiting the start of the inperson edition, from 17 to 19 September 2021 at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Pitti Fragranze proposes a journey in the discovery of this edition’s protagonists. Established maisons, innovative brands, and emerging names that stand out for their great originality: are you ready to discover them? Here as follow is the first installment!
Olivier Durbano
Olivier Durbano was born on the Côte d'Azur, studied architecture in Lyon, and then became a professional designer of jewelry. Finding stories in his gems – he called his poetry “Stone Poems” – and in 2005, he created an unusual artistic addition to his jewelry work, a collection of fragrances he calls the “Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes [Perfumes of Stones Poems]”. For Durbano, each of his fragrances, applied to the skin, connects both the wearer and the admirer of the scent to a precious gem. The result is a collection of elegant and sophisticated fragrances, which give substance to the intangible and mysterious force of stones and their symbolism, in a unique pathway dotted with perfumes rich in premium raw materials and unique accords.
Anconú is a brand of niche perfumes designed between Spain and Venezuela, which is inspired by that emotion that arises when you discover something for the first time. The brand believes in deep values. It´s hedonist, looking for pleasure. It loves contrasts. It's urban, but it cares about nature. Venezuelan, dreamer, determined, Anconú was founded in mid-2018 by María Gabriela Giménez as a manifestation and reflection of a journey of personal discovery for her passion for aromas. The brand watches over a more responsible world: it acts for sustainable awareness, empowerment, love of art and equality. At Fragranze, it presents The Drivers behind it, a collection of four perfumes created from personal experience. The uniqueness of each skin, the one that stimulates a journey of personal discovery and in which each person is the protagonist of their own experience, of their own smell.
Uermi both sounds like and means Wear Me, and its Italian creators, Aurora Carrara and Palmiro Péaquin, who founded the Italian niche brand in 2013, had clothing very much in mind. As they note, “As you wear your clothes, you wear your own perfume. Perfumes and fabrics share an affinity with our skin. They caress and gratify our senses”. Among the perfumes presented at Fragranze, we find We Tweed, created by perfumer Jean Jacques, where benzoin, a thick material like the smell of darkness, is made less smooth by black pepper that adds a jagged quality. Vanilla and violet leaf add a sweet and wistful quality, but fundamentally this fragrance is an olfactory portrait of a beautiful new tweed jacket saying “Wear me”. 
Simone Andreoli Diario Olfattivo
Simone Andreoli, founder of his eponymous line of fragrances Simone Andreoli - Diario Olfattivo, refers to perfume as “the art of memories”. An independent Italian brand of fine fragrances that are conceived like the pages of a travel journal, recalling itinerant experiences through the art of high perfumery. Every bottle contains memories, moments, and sensations that transport the mind to another place, tracing infinite destinations. Sophisticated masterful fragrances, olfactive jewels rich in images and contents that celebrate the quality of the extraordinary raw materials. The brand represents an Italian excellence in the world of artistic perfumery and is present in more than 14 countries. Excellence without compromise, like a weight-bearing column. Creativity and beauty as the expression of Italian heritage.