The talk "communication of a scent" staff training in perfumery
Edition 17
Place of the event
Date of the event
14.09.2019 15:25
What are the best tools for effectively training staff on an international level? How much does technology count, and how important are empathy and storytelling? How many of today’s potential customers are informed about sources and raw materials?
These themes and many others were debated by Remco Verbooij, Education manager of Skins Cosmetics and Francois Dahdah, Trainer of KAON and Cartier Parfums, together with Julia Ahtijainen, founder of The Frankly Speaking agency, during the Talk THE COMMUNICATION OF A SCENT. Staff training in perfumery, held at the last edition of Fragranze. 

Playing an important role are religion and the cultural background of every market of reference, which in order to be understood and conquered, require a personalized approach where empathy plays a critical role. Recognizing the person you have in front of you, being intuitive and well-prepared, establishing a connection. How? By using the right words. The language of perfumery draws on all of the senses and must be brilliant and evocative. Storytelling and imagination are fundamental. 

Have you ever tried closing your eyes when smelling a perfume for the first time, and then tried associating it with a color? What about a word, and a place?
Be sure to discover the advice and techniques of two leading experts in this sector by watching this video!