Madagascar and its amazing raw materials, Vanilla and other treasures a special talk curated by Mane
Edition 16
Place of the event
Date of the event
14.09.2018 10:18
Vanilla contains a mystical power and strong references to one of its exotic countries of origin, Madagascar.  For this reason, RAW – the Pitti Fragranze format that gives space to the most important raw materials in perfume-making – is showcasing this essence which lies at the center of many scent creations.  At this edition, on Friday 14 September, at 10:30 am, a special talk/presentation curated by MANE - the French company that is a world leader in the creation of fragrances which has been run by the Mane family for over 150 years – will guide us through the discovery of the extraordinary olfactory richness of Vanilla, with a compelling journey to Madagascar, the world's leading producer of Vanilla and other secret raw materials. Together with Micaela Giamberti, Fragrance Division Director of MANE Italy, Spain and Portugal, there will be Tony Phan (Natural Extracts Production Director) and Julie Massé (MANE Fine Fragrance Perfumer).