The Osmothèque of Versailles at Pitti Fragranze
Edition 20
For the first time at Pitti Fragranze, the Osmothèque, the first historic archive dedicated to perfume, located at Versailles, will recount the incipit: from where all perfume stories started.

The prestigious French institute, a living archive founded in 1990 as a brainchild of Jean Kerléo, then perfumer at Jean Patou, and a team of perfumers who were members of the French Perfume Society technical committee, features an impressive collection of 5,000 perfumes, ranging from forgotten masterpieces and iconic fragrances in their original formulation to more contemporary creations.

The aim is to preserve original formulas, reconstruct the ones that have been lost and to project this immense heritage into the future.
In particular, the focus of the story will be the rose and the great perfumes in which it has been the protagonist.