Laura Bosetti Tonatto presents the Rose of Taif
Edition 20
On the occasion of this edition of Fragranze, Laura Bosetti Tonatto will hold a presentation on the rose of Taif, the most precious rose, whose flowering, on the Saudi plateau, is kept to remain sacred and rare. Rarely revealed secret that boasts the royal seal and that Laura Bosetti Tonatto used in the creation of her Secrets of Taif.

Today, Laura Bosetti Tonatto is a world-renowned nose, and her large, bright shop in Via dei Coronari 57, one of Rome's most charming spots, with its perfumes, candles, and products, is a must for lovers of perfumery. Tonatto has also curated several exhibitions of art masterpieces at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and at the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome.