The 5 senses issue: theme of the 2022 edition of Pitti Fragranze
Edition 20
From 16 to 18 September the best of artistic perfumery meets again in Florence
The 5 senses issue has inspired a visual communication campaign in which essential, solid, generous brush strokes trace imaginary petals, ready to disintegrate and suggest something else. Strokes that surpass the surface to become substance, emanating perfumes, pigments, almost allowing themselves to be touched.  With references to Sergio Scatizzi’s ‘informal’ roses, to the polychromy dripping of Damien Hirst’s “Cherry Blossom”.  In the claims that accompany this edition the perceptions are deliberately crisscrossed, integrated, added to each other: Touch my smell, Hear my skin, See my lips, Taste my scent, Smell my eyes.

The 5 senses Talk 
Among the events dedicated to the theme of this edition of Fragranze, there is a special talk with  Giovanna Zucconi, journalist, writer and great fragrance enthusiast, who will coordinate a meeting on the 5 senses, the theme of this edition of Fragranze, with the special participation of a series of personalities – related to sociology, food, science and art – who are called upon to give their own specific perspectives.