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Mii Collection
Edition 16
Indian tradition and French design. When style becomes multicultural.
The story of Mii Collection is like a modern fairytale. It all started with a big trip: Bapan landed in Paris from his native Indian village. An out-of-the-ordinary character, with the desire to discover the world and the belief that art is everything, he started selling his watercolors in the streets to fund his first plane ticket – a one-way ticket to France – and arrived at the school of Arts Décoratifs de Paris to study textile design. On the benches of this prestigious school, he meets Lucie. The two designers begin to create, giving life to a positive and innovative multiculturalism. After finishing their studies, Lucie takes the long trip to India, where she begins to work with embroiderers, experimenting, innovating, and playing. This is where the Mii Collection brand was born, "mii" standing for "made in India," with the two ii's symbolizing the meeting of two cultures.

Three adjectives to describe MiiCollection.
Fresh, creative, handmade.

What is your brand's mission?
We made the choice of opening our own workshop to master the whole process, from creation to production. Knowing the entire chain means that we are able to manage our costs better so that the work of artisans is paid for without multiple intermediaries. We also wish to participate in the preservation of the textile craft that will otherwise disappear in a couple of decades, if nothing is done. 

What makes the womenswear world of MiiCollection stand out?
A creative and contemporary mind, combined with handcrafted traditional techniques.

What are the inspirations, materials and trends of the next collection?
We are working on our collections like a series of Tintin or Martine. After "mii aux Cycla-des" and "mii à l’école," next summer mii is going to be about the "One Thousand and One Nights," also called the Arabian nights. A universal and immemorial text which gathers all generations. We have designed some exclusive prints, embroideries, and weavings, all handmade in our workshop. We have beautiful cotton, linen, and some incredible silk.

What is the emotion you felt the most in recent months?
For a long time, we thought that a kind of "reset" was necessary in this world. And this cri-sis has, in a way, changed a lot the way we consume and live.This period was very com-plicated to manage for us, independent designers, with a company in France and a work-shop in India. So it was very stressful. At the same time, we could stay with our 3 month-old baby all the time, and it was just incredible.

A style icon from yesterday or today?
We really think that style is not only a matter of clothing, it is a way of living, a way of thinking. So, Charlotte Perriand, the French designer. The picture of her, half-naked in front of a mountain, will forever be a style and spirit inspiration. Free, strong, joyful, modern! 

What is the thing that makes you most proud of the brand?
Our workshop in India and the beautiful work we have made with the craftsmen. We can now see how it has improved their way of living and it makes us happy.