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The stylistic universe of Avant Toi
Edition 16
A new way of experiencing cashmere

A constant search for the unusual, the unexpected: the break with the esthetic and stylistic codes of the world of cashmere is expressed through ongoing experimentation in yarns' processing. It infuses garments with a sophisticated and avant-garde look. Each piece becomes distinctive. Founded in 1994 by Mirko Ghignone within the Liapull group, Avant Toi was born to satisfy the demands of an increasingly challenging and constantly changing market, offering the solidity and durability over time guaranteed by Liapull's 60 years of experience and the dedication of its artisans.

What makes the Avant Toi womenswear world stand out?
A strong link with the art world and its stylistic and esthetic research. It stands out and ex-cels in the experimentation of yarn processing techniques but, above all, in its innovative coloring, which revolutionizes the world of garment dyeing. Central to this process is the introduction of airbrush coloring, which makes each garment unique and unrepeatable, with its nuances that each tells a story.

How would you describe the Avant Toi woman?
A woman who wears destroyed, nuanced, coated garments, distinguished by processes in continuous evolution. The feminine and masculine features merge in a parallel dimension, whose shape is defined only by the personality of who wears them.

Can you tell us about the inspirations, materials, and trends of the next collection?
The theme inspiring the SS2021 collection is the fabulous Orient Express, which made the East feel terribly, exotically closer. Pleasures and mysteries, luxury and spices, splendor and lasting charm.
Colorful and hand-painted rustling silk enhances the woman's silhouette, in high-waisted trousers with wide legs, almost liquid slip dresses, jackets, and sweaters that elegantly embrace the body at all times. There are brushstrokes in the collection's colors, such as those on the blue silk jacket that initially featured a flower print or those on the ribbed fabric in very soft viscose. For the warm season, there are many proposals in linen and cotton.
As usual, the large drapes that complete the Avant Toi look share the same materials, col-ors, and patterns of the collection: hand-painted silk, or featuring vintage foulard inserts, or a print that is then painted by hand, in the evocative impressions of the Silence, Apple, Marmalade tones, up to blues with an almost liquid movement.

What is the thing that makes you most proud of your brand? 
Having a fan club that sustains itself on the pleasure of wearing our garments.
Which changes do you believe the lockdown we have been through has brought about style and personal care?
Not to waste time, the awareness of how fragile we are, and the habit of wearing a mask.

What is your first fashion-related memory?
At the age of eight, I made my first creation directly on a knitting machine. It was a wool scarf with pockets that my mother then added to the collection.

A style icon, past or present?
Grace Kelly.