Laura Bosetti Tonatto presents Sergio
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Place of the event
Date of the event
17.09.2022 15:00
On Saturday, September 17, at 3 pm, Laura Bosetti Tonatto (Essentially Laura) presented her new perfume Sergio, a tribute to the dancer Sergio Bernal, the protagonist of Daniele Cipriani's gala Les étoiles. The event was attended by Sergio Bernal himself, for the first time in Florence, as well as Daniele Cipriani, the show's producer, and moderated by Cecilia Primerano and Angelo Bucarelli. 

Among the top names in the dance world, Sergio Bernal, 32, is a Spanish dancer who divides his time between ballet and flamenco. He explained how he values talent and commitment in his work and how dance makes a difference in his life: "Flamenco isn't just dance, it's a feeling, a way of communicating with the audience." 

From this feeling, the Sergio perfume was born. "It came to life when I saw Sergio Bernal dancing on stage. I felt a sense of sacredness in the theater and wanted to convey the intensity and strength of his dance" as Laura Bosetti Tonatto explained. 

"Perfume is a memory of a special moment. It is magic," Bernal added. A lover of fragrances, he then shared with the Talk guests his superstitious ritual before performing on stage, in which perfume is the protagonist.