Sense the Senses.
A talk on the 5 sense.
Edition 20
Place of the event
Date of the event
16.09.2022 16:00
After the sensory deprivation we suffered from the pandemic, Giovanna Zucconi – journalist, writer, and fragrance enthusiast – took us through a thoughtful analysis of the state of the art of our senses. And she did so, from the stage of Fragrance 20 on Friday, September 16, together with two expert storytellers of sensoriality: Elena Abbiatici, an art historian, art director, and contemporary art curator, and Tania Gianesin, a strategic and scientific consultant who deals with education, culture and social entrepreneurship.

The debate centered around the intricate connection between senses and imagination, history, and representation.

Abbiatici also introduced the topic of olfactory pollution, bringing examples of contemporary artists engaged in narrating this issue, such as Peter de Cupere or Paul Vanouse. As the expert pointed out to the audience: "Body odors have been erased since the 1700s, but today we accept pollution smells."

The senses are part of a cultural history and cross-cultural dialogue that affects all forms of human experience. "The creative process is inextricably linked to sensoriality," said Gianesin, who has been studying the senses and synaesthetics for 30 years and has also been a lecturer in the same school as Jean-Claude Ellena.

In concluding the talk, Giovanna Zucconi emphasized that the sense of smell is the only sense from which we cannot protect ourselves. "Breath is the basis of life, and so are scents and odors," Abbiatici added.