Virtual wellness experience
Edition 18
This September, a series of online events dedicated to beauty
Now more than ever, it is necessary to find a balance between humans and nature. Between inside and outside. Between health and beauty. The Fragranze community won't stop and, through new digital channels, will share with you all the news from an ever-shifting world.
Starting on September 5, the special program of digital events and projects of The Billboard – the new web magazine of Pitti Connect (the online platform hosting Pitti Fragranze until the end of November) – will feature five events dedicated to wellness – three Talks and two Lectures – curated by Julia Ahtijainen, founder of Heaolu Club.

_Plant Talk: rituality and the new definition of green

Focus on ingredients, natural active ingredients, and the art of cosmetics. The protagonist is Japanese culture and its rituality. The word energy has been redefined: let's find out how to age happily.


_New trends, beauty tech and innovation
All the innovations of the world of beauty, in balance between natural and artificial. Science is at the service of health and beauty, with an approach that is respectful towards ourselves and the environment around us. From packaging to machinery to ingredients, beauty tech is increasingly sustainable.

_Routines that push forward
For instance, if you come at four in the afternoon, when three o'clock strikes I shall begin to feel happy. The closer our time approaches, the happier I shall feel. By four o'clock I shall already be getting agitated and worried; I shall be discovering that happiness has its price! But if you show up at any old time, I'll never know when to start dressing my hearth for you... We all need rituals.’

'What is a ritual?' said the little prince.

'Something else that is frequently neglected,' said the fox.
It's what makes one day different from the other days, one hour different from the other hours. (The Little Prince)

Rituality instead of routine. A round table dedicated to the importance of rituality and the concept that plays with the idea of some plants' natural perfumes, for a new definition of 'green'.


Finally, two essential lectures to understand the impact of the current situation in the world of beauty. With Active ingredients and the importance of biotech, the Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the University of Ferrara Stefano Manfredini will talk about the new perception of beauty products post-Covid, and the importance of safe concept in addition to sustainability. Sandra Mattar, Assistant Professor at Boston University of Medicine, will address the post-Covid psychological trauma and the pursuit of well-being.