Fragranze Proust questionnaire, the Chandler Burr interviews on Instagram
Edition 18
The perfume critic and creative director of Pitti Fragranze in conversation with the protagonists of the world of perfume
Pitti Fragranze is launching the Fragranze Proust Questionnaire on the new '@pittifragranze' Instagram channel: a series of interviews curated by Chandler Burr, former perfume critic at the New York Times, author of the books The Emperor of Scent and The Perfect Scent, and creative director of the international Pitti Immagine fair-event dedicated to the world of fragrances and beauty.
Some of the most important and interesting essence creators, creative directors and professionals at the peak of the perfume industry describe themselves through brief and lively exchanges of questions and answers, which will be published in a dedicated series of posts. Which fragrances could they not live without? And the ones they just can’t stand? Which are their favorite perfumes? But they will also discuss dreams, values, inspirations, weaknesses, and fears – in the tradition of the interview format made famous by the French author after which it is named. A fun and unexpected snapshot of contemporary olfactory culture and the aspirations, everyday life and tastes of its protagonists.

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