Aqua Dos Açores: one of the new names at this edition of Fragranze comes from Azores
Edition 17
Place of the event
Date of the event
14.09.2019 15:11
This year, for the first time, Pitti Fragranze is hosting Aqua dos Açores, a new brand that comes from the ‘Islands of the sea’, the Azores, an archipelago lost in the heart of the Atlantic, one of the most sustainable places on the planet, today the fruit of an alchemy that, over the centuries has welcomed and united people and plants from countries and climates that are distant and diverse. Aqua dos Açores began as an olfactory travel journal, the sensorial story of ‘one of the most beautiful places in the world’ – as it was defined in the 2016 Belgian and Dutch edition of the National Geographic Traveler - where history, nature, color and perfumes blend into an undistinguishable ensemble. The fragrances are characterized by the high concentration of natural raw materials and essential oils from plants found on the archipelago. The logo is the Rose of the Winds, a very ancient instrument of navigation, a flower of many petals. A graphic synthesis of past and present. Aqua dos Açores products are realized responsibly without damaging the environment; they are free from parabens, silicon, petroleum by-products; they are vegan and cruelty-free; they are focused on the concept of use and reuse, i.e. they use recyclable glass and packaging which is completely biodegradable and recyclable as well as being FSC certified from sustainable sources.