The Sound of Fragrance 
The Theme of the New Fragrance Installation
Edition 22
This year, Pitti Fragranze explores the creative connections and implications between scents and music through the installation "The Sound of Fragrance," showcased at the Spazio Alcatraz of the Stazione Leopolda and curated by Paola Gariboldi, beauty deputy editor at D La Repubblica, and journalist and content creator Susanna Macchia.

 Visitors will be drawn into two paths that offer abstract and innovative sensory experiences: one dedicated to silence—both olfactory and musical—and the other to its opposite, exploring noise in both fragrance and music.

For the occasion, two fragrances have been crafted by maître parfumeurs: the Silence Fragrance, by Sonia Constant and the Noise Fragrance, by Alessandro Canali. The musical tracks for the two sensory experiences are designed by the composer Alessandro Meistro.
Accompanied by sounds, lights, words, natural materials, and custom-made vapors, attendees will experience these fragrances in a novel interpretative way, following the visionary ideal that drives creators to achieve their final expressive alchemy.

Perfumes and music have always been in accord – in antiquity, where they were used together to elevate the spirit, and in contemporary times, with many fragrances inspired by music – both still maintaining an aura of mystery.

Smell and hearing explore the invisible and escape the dictatorship of the image, evading videos, photos, and screens. They share the same language: notes, harmony, rhythm, composition... is it a coincidence that perfume borrows the words of music to be described?

The idea of bringing their forms to the extreme, seeking expressions of silence and noise that are never absolute, stems from the desire to investigate the essence of their relationship and to further explore the adventurous paths of olfactory creation.

The Sound of Fragrance, realized with the Pitti Fragranze team, involved various creative talents.

Sonia Constant, a maître parfumeur with Givaudan in Paris, created the Silence Fragrance, enthusiastically embracing the project with her innate sensitivity and open-mindedness.

Cristiano Canali, newly appointed maître parfumeur at Mane, was gladly responsible for crafting the Noise Fragrance. He studies and appreciates powerful notes, with animalic evocations and intense raw materials such as sandalwood, incense, myrrh, and benzoin.

Alessandro Meistro designed the two musical tracks, one drawing from the dissonances of unconventionally played instruments like those in John Cage’s compositions, and the other from the minimalism of composers like Brian Eno and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Monogrid, a boutique agency based in Florence specializing in the use of technology to engage the senses and create interactive experiences, crafted the artistic immersive installation. "Noise and Silence" is a dynamic experience within the Stazione Leopolda, which manages to create a unique dialogue between sound and fragrances thanks to two luminous paths that walk parallel, reaching then two immersive rooms where visitors can discover the absolute essence of the fragrance and  its olfactory characteristics.
 The Talk “The Sound of Fragrance”
Paola Gariboldi and Susanna Macchia will also moderate the talk dedicated to “The Sound of Fragrance.” On stage, they will engage in a discussion with the perfumers Sonia Constant of Givaudan, Cristiano Canali of Mane, and the composer Alessandro Meistro to delve into the theme of the installation, comment on its creative phases, and explore the synergies between perfumes and music.
Artist Profiles

 The Perfumers


As a child, Sonia Constant wrote poems about scents and fragrances. Extremely sensitive, she felt an early creative urge that drove her to become a perfumer. "Everything I sense needs to be 'extracted,' and imagining fragrances is vital to me. It's how I express myself." Through her creations, she offers a part of herself, her world, laying herself bare. She describes herself as a "synaesthetist," capable of translating everything into a scent. Traveling provides endless inspiration for her brand, Ella K Parfums, created in 2017, and for her compositions for other brands. Her goal is to create perfumes "that bring happiness, trigger emotions, and elevate those who wear them." Sonia is a master perfumer at Givaudan and the creator of iconic fragrances. From Narciso Rodriguez For Her and For Him to Davidoff Cool Water For Her, Ocean di Gioia by Giorgio Armani, Le Beau, La Belle, La Belle Intense by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and also Bella and Les Sorbets de Bella for Nina Ricci, 1 Million Parfum by Paco Rabanne, Moonlight Patchouli by Van Cleef & Arpels, and many more. 

Cristiano Canali's journey to creating fragrances is winding but enriches his skills and artistry at every turn. Born in Padua, he moved to the Dolomites with his family at 14. He studied pharmacy and pursued his passion for music, playing the oboe and electric guitar. A trip to India left him fascinated by a sandalwood plantation, leading him to enroll in the ISIPCA perfumery master's program in Versailles. He began his perfumery career in Paris, working with notable figures like Bruno Jovanovic, Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion, and Sophie Labbé. At the beginning of the year, Cristiano joined Mane's perfumery team. He is now based in Milan and is considered one of Italy's most promising perfumers. His work focuses on niche brands, having created Bee and Tiger for Zoologist Perfumes, Romanza for Masque Milano, and Nuvolari for Rubini.

The Musician

Alessandro Meistro, a composer and sound designer, began his musical journey as a self-taught artist, working alongside Augusto Martelli. Together, they took Meistro's first steps in composing television jingles and musical adaptations. Since 2017, he has collaborated with Rai, writing original music for TV programs. Meistro loves to experiment, mix different genres, and combine classical execution methods with cutting-edge composition technologies, including using Artificial Intelligence. Based in Milan, he loves traveling and discovering new sounds in distant countries, which he incorporates into his compositions.

MONOGRID is a dynamic boutique agency offering world-class multidisciplinary solutions oriented toward the future. Founded in 2016 in Florence, Italy, by Francesco Bernabei (CEO and Executive Creative Director), David Hartono (Technical Director), and Daniele Pelagatti (Technical Director), MONOGRID is a cutting-edge creative production company comprising over 50 talents specializing in interactive digital solutions. 
MONOGRID's mission is to help luxury and fashion brands unlock their full potential and venture beyond the limits of reality. They achieve this by creating immersive digital environments, engaging installations, and pioneering content that pushes technological boundaries to deliver the unexpected at the intersection of the online and offline worlds.