perception reinvented
Edition 21
The special immersive installation and the program of talks at Fragranze 2023
Pitti Fragranze continues its journey of research that introduces perfume into a broader experiential sphere, in a constantly moving laboratory that places it at the center of an expanded approach to the discernment of scents. At this edition, the theme of the fair – Perception Reinvented – also inspires the special immersive installation Symbiotic Experience _ perception reinvented, staged in the Spazio Alcatraz of the Stazione Leopolda, curated by the journalist and deputy beauty editor-in-chief at D la Repubblica, Paola Gariboldi and the journalist and content creator Susanna Macchia.
Four digital artists and four noses have combined their expertise to create a multi-sensorial itinerary that, by reinventing the perceptive possibilities, opens the horizons to new frontiers in the creation and use of perfume.

This is the idea behind Symbiotic Experience, an installation that showcases the sillages composed for the occasion by noses Alberto Morillas, Coralie Spicher, Serge Majoullier and Jerôme Di Marino inspired by the digital artwork realized – through the imagination and tools made available by artificial intelligence – by artists Gisella Alfieri Sabattini, Bonnie Tsang @bonnietsang, Giovanna Sala @meteoavverso and Alex Valentina @alexvxvxvxvx, in an experimental symbiosis that reinterprets the actual concept of fragrance.
The visual and olfactory dimension will also be joined by the auditory one thanks to the music exclusively realized by composer and sound designer Alessandro Meistro, using generative digital instruments.
The story is, therefore, developed on several sensorial levels proposing a unique and eclectic experience of which the visitor is also an active protagonist. In fact, the Symbiotic Experience installation realized by the boutique agency MONOGRID, will unveil the four perfumes through an immersive itinerary that will be energized by the movements of the public, inaugurating an original journey of discovery and interaction.

Two talks dedicated to Symbiotic Experience
Paola Gariboldi and Susanna Macchia will also be the moderators of two talks dedicated to Symbiotic Experience: the first – Friday 15 September, 4.00 p.m. –  a comment on and in-depth look at the installation and involve an exchange of views between two creator noses (Coralie Spicher of DSM-Firmenich and Jérôme Di Marino of Mane) and neuroscientist Anna D’Errico (@il_senso_perfetto), who will help us understand the effects and engagement of new forms of creativity on the digital generations.
The second, entitled “Nuovo Lessico Olfattivo-New Olfactory Lexicon” – Saturday 16 September, 11.30 a.m. – the perfume influencer and Tiktoker @sssinister (Matilda Mori) take to the stage with a niche and artistic perfumery professional, Roberto Drago of Kaon.  The pair discuss how new social media and unconventional languages can or cannot open up to new opportunities for knowledge and the dissemination of perfumes.


The installations,the Symbiotic Experience noses and digital artists:
Alberto Morillas with Bonnie Tsang @bonnietsang
composer and sound designer Alessandro Meistro
Alberto Morillas
The famous Maître Parfumeur was born in Seville, but has lived in Switzerland since he was 10 years old.  With his technical knowledge, talent and empathy, he has revamped the sector, working for the most esteemed maisons from Bulgari to Gucci, from Armani to Issey Miyake and then Kenzo, Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Penhaligons, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne and Versace. Mizensir is his perfume brand
Bonnie Tsang

Creative director, photographer and digital artist based in Los Angeles, she has worked with internationally renowned fashion and beauty brands and collaborated with important magazines.  

Her digital works combine photographic snapshots with creations produced using artificial intelligence. 


Serge Majoullier with Giovanna Sala @meteoavverso
composer and sound designer Alessandro Meistro
Serge Majoullier
Senior perfumer at MANE, he is not only a creator of fragrances, but a discoverer of new natural raw materials.  

All his activities are guided by the horizon of innovation, and today are divided between the composition of fragrances and the development of the program known as Jungle Essence™, the MANE platform dedicated to supercritical extractions from which pioneering natural ingredients are derived.  

He has worked with many distinguished brands like Giorgio Armani, Jo Malone London, Nuxe, Karl Lagerfeld, Mugler and Viktor&Rolf.
Giovanna Sala

Involved in photography and digital images, studying their innovation and use in the sphere of communication and publishing.  

Lecturer in Editorial Design and Digital Publishing at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Fine Arts Academy) in Milan and other institutions, since 2022 she has been realizing creative images using AI.



Jérôme Di Marino with Alex Valentina @alexvxvxvxvx
composer and sound designer Alessandro Meistro
Jérôme Di Marino
New entry to the team of MANE perfumers, he has established himself in the sector as a result of his creativity and technical expertise.  

A Mediterranean at heart, Jérôme was born in the French Alps.  After graduating with a degree in Chemistry and a master’s degree from ISIPCA, he began working with Francis Kurkdjian.  

Passionate about travel, gastronomy, and drawing, he tastes the world around him through the lens of popular culture.

His olfactory signature has distinguished the prestigious fragrances of numerous brands including Kenzo, Elie Saab, Burberry, Paco Rabanne and Davidoff.
Alex Valentina

After having lived in London and in Norway, she began a new chapter by moving to Milan, where she currently resides.  

She is a digital artist who builds a personal universe of photos mixed with 3D elements and mythical creatures, creating a new Arcadia in which Man is shown in harmony in a hybrid context, between the natural and the digital.


Coralie Spicher with Gisella Alfieri Sabattini
composer and sound designer Alessandro Meistro
Coralie Spicher
Sensitive and curious, born in Geneva, now Parisian by adoption, the young perfumer from DSM-Firmenich entered the essence maison’s school in 2018.

After studying biochemistry, she went to the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum in Paris.  She has created fragrances for Boitown (China), L’Occitane and Zara.
Gisella Alfieri Sabattini

After completing her studies at the Brera Academy in Milan, the versatile artist who alternates painting, food styling and digital art, settled in America’s Silicon Valley.  

Inspired by the technology and innovation surrounding her, she uses artificial intelligence to create works dedicated to beauty.
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