20 anni fa - Senza nostalgia (20 years ago-Without nostalgia)
Edition 21
Place of the event
Date of the event
16.09.2023 10:30
A journey through time to analyze the changes and constant elements of the world of artistic perfumery over the last two decades. The talk, which is the brainchild of Ulrich Lang, involves a panel of fragrance creators and experts that experienced the birth of Pitti Fragranze, over 20 years ago, when Ulrich Lang launched his first creation in Florence. 
With Laura Bosetti Tonatto, Ulrich Lang, Raffaello Napoleone, Lorenzo Villoresi, during the talk a personal letter by Olivier Durbano will be read. Moderator Mariangela Rossi.
Do not look back…. Or not too much.

The images that emerge from the past are out of time...

Those of Mona, Mona di Orio, we were like two children on our first stand at Pitti... happy, proud, sincere, awkward, eyes full of dreams...

Pitti and the first encounters.

Exchanges, emotions, affection that are born between us, real friendships... and a line of vibrant perfumes between the world and us...

Pitti Fragranze is obvious.

Pitti which was and still is the ultimate place, artistic, exclusive, beautiful and benevolent in this theatrical world of jostling bottles.

Never anything the same.

A beginning, and today as a new beginning because everything changes.

Of course, there are two sides, shadow and light, Always an alchemy, with patience and faithful to what drives me...

The wind is blowing,

Some flavors pass, others remain... have faith in what you create, always go to the limit of creation.

Like the olfactory reflection of the world, Here and now,

Rejoice in a perfume that comes alive again and again thanks to the living beings who wear it.

Like every year, in September, at Pitti Fragranze, I am launching my 19th perfume, 19 years sown stone by stone, a single quest, to connect the sky through perfumes...

I know I can count on the sensitivity, intelligence and creativity of the Pitti Fragranze team to evolve without denying our values, with beauty and tenacity.

Artist, dreamer, not at all business …

I preferred to write rather than speak. Written words infuse, pass the time, express love better.

I have always only liked Pitti Fragranze, I feel good about you, I feel good about you…

I thank you, and love you.
Olivier Durbano
Grasse 2023